Every day we face issues and make decisions that will affect our future. Everybody’s looking for answers to guide them through the grind of life. That’s where our Huddles come in.

Every Wednesday evening after 24.7 Worship, our students gather in Huddles. 24.7 Huddles are small groups for middle and high school students who want real – real relationships, real direction, real accountability, real growth, and real answers.

Every Wednesday students like you and your friends meet with some of 24.7’s best leaders to tackle the tough issues. All you have to do to be a part of a Huddle is show up.


JV Fall Bible Study

My Faith - Part 1

Life can be hard. Especially when you're in middle school. It also can be hard to understand what your faith is all about--and keep it strong when you face the trials and temptations that come along with being a teenager.

My Faith will give you all the tips and secrets you need to really grasp your faith and keep hold of it. You'll get the inside scoop on things like God's story, the Bible, faith and doubt, church, and what it means to be a Christian.

Session 1: Creation
Session 2: Crisis
Session 3: Calling
Session 4: Conversation
Session 5: Christ
Session 6: Community
Session 7: Commencement

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Varsity Fall Bible Study


As teenagers engage in their world—and as they get older and encounter more diverse worldviews—they will encounter people who hold different views of faith, religion, and God. This series is designed to help your students learn about the beliefs of several major religions and worldviews. We don’t approach this content from the standpoint of trying to fight, debate, or prove the rightness of Christianity. Instead, we want teenagers to become deeper in their own faith while becoming more aware of what others believe.

It is our hope and prayer that as you lead your students through these conversations, they will discover the rewards of thinking critically about their beliefs and will learn how to stand firm in their faith amid a culture that will pull them in all directions—and will sometimes challenge the very ground on which they stand.

It’s important to note that you will encounter some overlap of Scriptures and topics in some of these lessons. This is unavoidable because of the overlap between various worldviews. For example, various New Age philosophies have adopted some elements of Buddhism. Atheism and agnosticism teach some similar ideas. And many aspects of evolution align with the idea that God doesn’t exist—the foundational belief of atheism.

Session 1: Evolution (Psalm 8:1-9)
Session 2: New Age (1 Corinthians 8:1-6)
Session 3: Atheism (John 3:3-16)
Session 4: Agnosticism (1 Corinthians 1:18-25)
Session 5: Islam (Ephesians 2:1-10)
Session 6: Mormonism (Isaiah 43:8-12)
Session 7: Buddhism (Ecclesiastes 12:1-14)
Session 8: Moralistic Therapeutic Deism (Ephesians 1:15-23)

Starting September 18th. Meeting at Pastor Joe's Home.172 Port Royal CT, Sebastian, FL 32958. (map)


We encourage our students to participate in daily devotions. We have separate devotions for middle and high school students. Each of the devotion programs will take the students through the entire Bible once in their middle years and once in their high school years.

JV - Foundation Studies

Over the next three years, JV students will take a journey through the entire Bible.

Year 1 - The Life of Christ
Year 2 - Community: The New Testament Church 
Year 3 - Character: Old Testament People

This year we are in year two of our foundation study. Using the Book of Acts as its backbone, year two - Community covers many moments in the life of the New Testament Church, its miraculous inception at Pentecost, and its spread throughout the world. Not only will students learn the history of the New Testament church, they will also learn their roles as members of the modern day Church.

Get foundation study devotion book at 24.7 on Wednesday night. The cost is $12 per year for middle school students

Varsity - Four Years through the Bible

OnTrack is a daily devotional designed to build the skill and discipline of effective daily Bible study for students. Each month includes both prayer list and commitment pages designed to add context to personal Bible study.

Fall 2016 Reading Plan
September - Matthew
October - Mark
November - John
December - Acts

Devotion books are available at 24.7 for the cost of $10 per quarter for high school students.